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Song Competition 2020

Our FIRST event of this kind!

During lockdown in May 2020, we ran our very first songwriters competition!

There were 4 themes songwriters could choose from
Click an artist within the categories below to check out their song on our Facebook Page

But first…A note from our judges:

What a fantastic response to our competition!
We thoroughly enjoyed watching your entries and acknowledge the hard work and effort so many of you went to in writing your songs and making your videos.

It was an extremely difficult task comparing such a wide range of songs and genres; there were some very funny and humorous songs, sad and contemplative songs; soul songs, pop, R&B, jazz, acoustic folk, blues, rap, funk, rock and theatrical songs.
We judged your entries based primarily on the lyrics and composition of your song, but also allocated marks for song arrangement and kept in mind how relevant the songs were within your nominated category.

Our winners were also chosen because they portrayed their chosen topic in a creative and sometimes indirect way – referring to their experiences of lockdown and connections to Brunswick and Sydney Road utilising strong storytelling, originality, unusual perspectives and metaphor.
We felt we needed to acknowledge more of you than just the primary winners, as there were so many strong entries. Thus, we have included a shortlist of songwriters we thought deserve an ‘Honourable Mention’. To all of you; a separate and hearty round of applause.

To our winners, enormous congratulations!

Keep writing songs – stay safe & wash your hands.
All the best – B, F & R


Naomi Rose-Christian – We are Free 

Category 1: Carl Pannuzzo – Auto the Brunswick Runaway
Category 2: Rachel Caddy – Sydney Road
Category 3: Tayla Haigh – Too Much Time
Category 4: Daisy Sampson – Humankind

Dilara Yaka – Introspective
Dylan Pinkerton – Grandma, Grandma, Grandma 

Tushara Rose & Anika Ostendorf – Harmony & Symphony

Peter Mc Aree – Lockdown

JUDGES’ HONOURABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order):
Alisha Karunagaran Catastrophe
Ben Witkowski Lost & Found
Candice Alisha Human
Enda Kenny Ol’ Brunswick Town
Jacky Chen Lockdown Lover
Matilda Hassall Bring on the Lockdown
Nick Vulture Stuck in Brunswick
Patrick Consedine A Story
Peter Westwood When the World Stops
Ruby Mae Lockdown Love Song
Sarah Vasiliadis Humanity
Seb Szabo October Clouds
Sarah Busuttil Palmer & Silas Palmer Lockdown
Uyen My Pham He (Boredom)
William Povey The Young and the Restless
Plus SRBA’s Top 5 Favs:
Nina Rose The Best Falafel Prize
Nurseratched Chicken Soup
Exodus and Kattimoni Go Within
The Argotiers Tango in Blue Minor
Sally Carter With You