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Sip, Savour & Support Sydney Road Brunswick

We called on you to Sip Savour & Support Sydney Road Brunswick by telling us which business you loved MOST along our 2.5km shopping strip, between Brunswick Road and Moreland Road, and you responded! 

Every entry via our online form went in the draw to win one of ten $100 vouchers to a Sydney Road Brunswick business of the entrant’s choosing. All you had to do to enter the initiative, was to tell us who your favourite was in 25 words or less. It was that simple.

Everyone has their favourite local haunt; go-to gift shop, café, restaurant, or takeaway; preferred professional service provider; cherished retail rendezvous; or beauty, wellness or wedding wonderland right here on Sydney Road Brunswick – and we wanted to hear about it!

The program was officially launched during Main Streets of Australia Week
The Sydney Road Brunswick Association (SRBA) launched the Sip, Savour & Support campaign during Main Streets of Australia Week (15-21 May 2023) to highlight the strong connection between our community and Sydney Road Brunswick. Additionally, Sydney Road Brunswick has many lovers from afar – and we wanted to celebrate that too!

Main Streets of Australia Week is a time to celebrate Sydney Road Brunswick and indeed – celebrate the 500+ businesses that make up the precinct. Main Streets of Australia Week is all about reinforcing the importance of local shopping strips, and what better way to do that then hear exactly why YOU love and support the businesses of Sydney Road Brunswick.

Why did this program run?
Not only was Sip, Savour & Support starting during Mainstreet Australia’s Main Streets of Australia Week to shine a light on, and celebrate, the importance of supporting local; but it was also run to:

  • Assist the precinct as it continues to return from the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Provide positive sentiments that may be promoted throughout the precinct marketing channels and on street, on an ongoing basis

For SRBA, this campaign provided immediate organic content towards the precincts diverse business mix – which may be used in ongoing precinct advertising and promotional opportunities, showcasing the support towards the precinct from local and afar.

Content gained from this program may be used in on-street promotional opportunities, online/social media as well as publications/collateral by the SRBA.

How long was the program running?
The first stage of the program (where competition entries were open) ran from 10 May 2023 to 16 June 2023, with marketing and promotional opportunities of the results taking place on an ongoing basis thereafter.

When and how was the competition element of the program drawn?
The competition was drawn on Tuesday 20 June from 11am onwards, with all ten successful winners of a $100 voucher contacted directly by the information provided in the form. The competition was drawn randomly using a random number generator.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

  1. All entries into the competition were only valid if they selected a business located within the precinct of Sydney Road Brunswick, between Brunswick Road and Moreland Road, which also included businesses located in Barkly Square Shopping Centre, Sparta Place, Tripovich Street (Sydney Road Brunswick side), Anstey Walk, Forum Arcade, and the Brunswick Market. To check that the business you wished to use was included, entrants could visit our Business Directory and search for the business name. If they appeared, they were a valid entry.
  2. Multiple entries were not allowed by the same person. One entry per person only.
  3. Businesses were not able to submit for themselves (or have a connection to the business submit on the businesses behalf).
  4. By completing an entry form provided, and selecting YES on the approval request, consent was given to the Sydney Road Brunswick Association (SRBA) to use your first name, suburb (gained from postcode), selected business, and 25 words or less response.
  5. Any statements used in marketing and promotions, will be accompanied with a declaration to advise that it was obtained with incentive, via this program.
  6. SRBA will contact entrants via the provided email address if needed.
  7. The awarded $100 vouchers are only to be used for the business outlined on the voucher, and excludes TABs, tobacco and any smoking (or related) products.
  8. The awarded $100 voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. The awarded $100 voucher is transferrable.
  10. Should SRBA not be able to obtain a voucher from the business selected by one of the winners, the winner will need to nominate a second preference.