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Instagram Ambassadors

This is a call out! We are looking for  Sydney Road, Brunswick Ambassadors to be featured on our Instagram. You will be sponsored to share your own Sydney Road, Brunswick experience and take over our Instagram for a week.

We are looking for locals, musicians, makers, traders, visitors, mum, dads, influencers and anyone that wants to share their unique view of our road.

For more information please read the Sydney Road Instagram Ambassador Guidelines & Instructions 2020

How long do we want the takeover to be?

1 week

What content are we looking for?

Share your own Sydney Road experience. Favourite places, tips, review, secret places, products found on Sydney Road, unique views e.g. looking up, pick a theme. Pitch us your idea!



Kayley Langdon - Instagram Takeover

Kayley Langdon

Matthew Dunn Art - Sydney Road Ambassador


supermarioninjatown Sydney Road Ambassador


Sydney Road Ambassador


Faith Hunter - postcardsfromthenorth


Meredith Cowley - custombnb


Natasha Rooney - thingsofbrunswick


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