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Festive Art on Windows 2023

Entries are now CLOSED

The Festive Art on Windows program is an annual favourite on the Sydney Road Brunswick calendar, not only because it celebrates the festive season, but also for the showcase of creativity and joy that it delivers.

Over two weekends, the Festive Art on Windows program transforms two precincts of Sydney Road Brunswick into a colourful and enchanting display of the festive spirit.

This year, the program will be running in Sydney Road Brunswick’s Brunswick Precinct (Dawson Street to Victoria Street) and Moreland Precinct (Albion Street to Moreland Road), with participating artists assigned a shopfront window to transform.

Artist Brief
Artists are encouraged to come up with a concept that celebrates the joy, nostalgia and togetherness that is synonymous with the festive season. This could be anything from a tree laden with decorations; native festive flora and fauna scenes; sweet treats and delicious eats; scenes of embrace and love; gift giving and sharing, and so much more. Essentially, it’s an opportunity for you to create a concept about what the festive season means to you, in a creation that is appropriate for a diverse audience and must be family friendly.

Successful entries will receive:

  • Their selection of up to 5 paints (from a curated colour palette of student grade acrylics)
  • $200 per day involved (artists can apply for both days), paid at the end of the program
  • Free food and drinks at the post painting celebrations
  • Inclusion on Sydney Road Brunswick’s social media channels, during overall day programming
  • The chance to take home vouchers for businesses on Sydney Road Brunswick, for notable artist creations (categories to be determined)

Whilst assigned shop windows will vary in size, successful artists are not required to fill the entire window and can paint to a scale they are comfortable with. All outcomes will be accompanied by a sign so that viewers can see who the artists were, and their social media handle (if provided).

Festive Art Event Days
The Festive Art on Windows Program will take place over two Saturdays, being:

  • Saturday 18 November (Brunswick Precinct, Dawson Street to Victoria Street)
  • Saturday 25 November (Moreland Precinct, Albion Street to Moreland Road)
  • Saturday 2 December (Moreland Precinct, Albion Street to Moreland Road)

At the end of each of these event days, participating artists are invited to a post painting drinks, which will be held at a venue on Sydney Road Brunswick, generally from 4pm to 5pm. This is a great chance to eat, drink, chat and celebrate the day’s work, as well as see other artist’s outcomes, which will be on display.

Program Timelines

The timelines for the 2023 Festive Art on Windows Program is as follows:

Entries Open: Tuesday 3 October 2023
Entries close: Tuesday 17 October 2023
Artist Outcome Notifications: Tuesday 24 October 2023
Revised Outcome Notifications: Friday 27 October 2023
Festive Art Event Day 1 (Painting Day): Saturday 18 November 2023
Festive Art Event Day 2 (Painting Day): Saturday 25 November 2023
Festive Art Event Day 2 (Painting Day): Saturday 2 December 2023
Festive Art Removed: From Monday 8 January 2024


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