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Welcoming to Sydney Road Brunswick…. Melbourne Vintage @ 351

This store is a beautiful emporium of second hand goods, and adds to Sydney Road Brunswick’s ever expanding collection of opportunity, retro and second hand shops. Melbourne Vintage visually pops with memorabilia, vintage styed clothes and elaborately displayed trinkets.

It is sure to draw in foot traffic – having already caught the eye of curious locals.

The owners, Elaine and Mitchell, has been operating as vintage sellers in the area  for a number of years, and have another large warehouse of vintage supplies. You may have spotted some of their wares on the block or having fitted out local bars, cafes and venues in Melbourne. So expect the best and ever changing stock in this new store – from beautiful kitsch furniture to memorabilia, knickknacks and records.

Jump online as well to see what’s in stock today as their website is regularly updated.

A veritable browsers paradise, we’re sure these brightly coloured displays and nostalgic wares will have you coming back again and again –always something new for you vintage magpies to find!

Find their contact details or read more here.