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Visual Merchandising

WINDOW – Cleanliness/ Opportunity/ Most important

  • You want to attract by colour or interest, products, a theme or something ‘shocking’!
  • Make a statement- present something different & don’t overload with items (chaos)
  • The window is your opportunity to attract and bring someone through the door.
  • Keep it clean glass and dust ( accumulates )and change window display regularly.
  • Keep entry door sparkling & handles (especially restaurants & food venues) which has become extremely important due to Covid & safety issues.

Window examples from June 2021:

Vintage shop window display Bridal store window displauy Record store window display Toy shop window display Clothing store window display Plant shop window display















  • Customer flow- uncluttered and easy access
  • Saleable merchandise- easy to be seen areas.
  • Sight levels of stock important-
  • Counter position alternatives – draw people to back area? Staff well-being & theft risks
  • What ‘experience’ can you offer?
  • Add a ‘special feature’ as a point of interest, creating discussion & engagement
  • Don’t be frightened to experiment & try out different layouts
  • Make changes every now and then- take risks
  • Decide on the ‘ look’ you want and what signage in-store if any
  • Create an atmosphere – think about lighting and sound- low lights & low music?