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Introducing Ailsa Page – Your Expert Consultant.Ailsa Page of AP Marketing Works.
The Sydney Road Brunswick Association is pleased to announce that Ailsa Page will be working with the Association as a consultant for 1 year, from April 2024, with all components and fees covered by the Association.

This appointment follows the positive feedback received from her workshop delivery on maximising sales in 2023, and the acknowledgement that her expertise within marketing is applicable across many industries.

As a consultant for the businesses in the Sydney Road Brunswick precinct, Ailsa will provide:

Unlimited One-on-One Support
Unlimited one-on-one contact with businesses owners, for support and to discuss issues, opportunities or to bounce ideas!

Want help working through pricing your product/service? Want to chat about getting stronger social media engagement/strategy? Need an ear to bounce ideas off for your business or service offering? Want to chat about how your business is going? Connect up with Ailsa.

This opportunity is covered by the Association, so businesses are encouraged to reach out as much as they’d like for advice.

Tailored & Industry Specific Workshops
The Sydney Road Brunswick precinct includes over 525 businesses, with each falling into four main categories – Retail, Hospitality/Events, Bridal/Wedding and Professional Services. Recognising this, SRBA will be working with Ailsa to deliver 4 workshops over the course of the year, tailored specifically to the above categories!

The first workshop will be focused on the Bridal & Wedding industry, taking place on Tuesday 18 June! This opportunity is covered by the Association so be sure to secure a spot!

Articles & Video Content
Ailsa will also have a column in the monthly precinct newsletter, where she will write articles around topics such as EOFY ideas, understanding competitors, attracting and maintaining staff, destination marketing, pricing considerations and more!

Each column will also be accompanied by a video to support it, with the first article and video to be included in the May newsletter!

Who is Ailsa Page?
Ailsa is a professional marketer, marketing consultant, workshop presenter, keynote speaker and author of 3 small business marketing books. Ailsa is a passionate supporter of small business for 20+ years, specialising in finding points of difference with easy to understand strategies and techniques that get results.

Want More Information?
If you have any questions around this initiative, or would like to discuss how Aisla could assist you and your business, please reach out to the Association:
Address: 454 Sydney Road Brunswick (open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm)
Phone: 9380 2005

This initiative is included in the service offering of the Association, with businesses encouraged take advantage of the program as such as they’d like.

Maximimsing Sales Workshop October 2023
In October 2023, the Sydney Road Brunswick Association (SRBA) hosted 18 businesses to participate in a Maximising Sales Workshop, led by marketing expert Ailsa Page of AP Marketing Works. This workshop was run inside the SRBA’s Hub at 454 Sydney Road Brunswick.

Understanding that not all businesses could make the workshop session, SRBA also worked with Ailsa Page to provide all businesses with a recorded run-through of her presentation, as well as all the worksheets that were provided on the night of the workshop.

Group of businesses involved in a maximising sales workshop with Ailsa Page of AP Marketing Works, on Sydney Road Brunswick.






Australian Retailers Association Workshops 2022
In June 2022, in conjunction with the ARA (the Australian Retailers Association) SRBA ran sessions on Social Media/ Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Visual Merchandising.

Workshops/ webinars/ upskilling/ information sessions can be highly beneficial to your business, assisting in areas such as:Group of people attending a workshop

  • Latest trends
  • New revenue streams
  • Finance tracking, reporting etc
  • Business compliance
  • Digital capabilities
  • Social Media
  • Business growth
  • Business essentials
  • Staff development & training
  • Leadership
  • Not to mention it can provide networking opportunities




  • The Small Business Mentoring Service – a selection of mentors based on location, experience and area of business you require advice and assistance on. You will need to pay for this service.
  • Melbourne Innovation Centre – provides access to subsidised mentoring for business leaders to develop digital skills and businesses digital capability.
  • Virtual Mentor Sessions with Business Victoria – Available Monday to Friday, the one-on-one mentoring sessions will provide information on your business idea or how to grow your existing business. Please note that only one session is available for each business.