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What to post on social media


Coming up with unique content regularly by yourself can become tiresome and challenging- but there are ways to shake it up a bit and make it fun for yourself!

Consider the below:

  • Create a series- be it one particular product range or type, helpful tips, items in a particular colour…
  • Run a competition or giveaway
  • Run a poll, encourage viewers to ask questions
  • Share other’s content- this may sound like a big no-no but if you share RELEVANT content to your brand (and no, not your direct competitors content…), this can help your own brand- and you never know, they may share some of YOUR content back!
  • Share your fans content! This can add Real Life to your products
  • Do the occasional video- of product, of your store, of customers (perhaps throw in an interview!), or of yourself talking about your business etc.
  • Relevant meme’s- these can be fun additions, and help you stay on trend
  • How To’s or Tutorials
  • Behind the scenes… and so on…

DON’T fall into the trap of thinking YOU are the one who has to come up with ALL your content, ALL the time! Consider finding an Instagram Ambassador who could take over your socials for a week (do look over their proposed content though- and ensure you are the one responding to comments on those posts!), influencers who already like your brand who could do posts for you, or employees/ relatives who may want to help/ take over the role for you!

**HOT TIP!**
To get you in the headspace of sharing different content, consider taking part in a monthly challenge such as March Meet the Maker– a daily prompt list to inspire postings relating to you and your business (aimed at art/ craft businesses- but can be tailored to suit ANY business!)