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Some big NO-NO’s

We’ve spoken a lot in the past about what you SHOULD be doing regarding social media… this article is about what you should NOT do, as it is definitely NOT about posting for posting’s sake. All posts should be carefully considered! Doing any (or all…) of the following below can damage your brand, lose you valuable followers & more!

We strongly recommend you do NOT post:

  • Overly promotional content- this means content that is pushing your followers repeatedly to visit your store & buy something.
  • Political or religious content- this can be alienating to those followers who do not have the same beliefs that you have.
  • Irrelevant posts- whether this be sharing or your own content, try to stick to posting that which is most relevant to your business and your audience. Irrelevant content can confuse & lose followers.
  • Irrelevant, banned or the same hashtags on any/ every post- all these activities can lead to your account being banned from social media.
  • Spelling/ grammatical errors- this can make you look unprofessional. Perhaps type your posts up and spell check first if you are unsure.