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Content photos


Take another look at the product photos you are posting on social media- try to look at them through a customer’s eyes- are they good enough? Are they bright, are they engaging, are they interesting?
And the great thing about technology these days is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to take a stunning product shot… in most cases you can simply set up outside on a bright but overcast day and whip out your smart phone! (**if indoors, we suggest using two light sources from two angles to reduce shadows**)

Here’s some things to consider:

  • Don’t zoom – take the pic and crop it later. Zooming will reduce picture quality
  • Use the rule of thirds – this will help you create a well-balanced photo. Some smart phones will even have a setting to display the grid on screen to aid positioning!
  • Purchase a tripod – it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. This will aid in creating as clear as image you can – you want your customers to see product detail
  • As said above – natural light is THE BEST. Avoid the flash AT ALL COSTS!!
  • Edit your photos with an online editing tool to crop, straighten or enhance your photos. Some free and easy to use options: Pixlr Editor, GIMP & Photoshop Express
  • Simple backgrounds work best so your product stands out.
  • Complementary colours if possible, but there’s nothing wrong with a stark white background!
  • You could consider using props in your photos if you want to spice up your picture – Eg some pens and pencils if you are snapshotting some journals you sell!
  • Take a variety of shots so your customers can imagine your product as best they can. Take a wide-angle shot, close-up shots of detail, include a photo of someone using/ wearing/ holding the product if possible (this aids the customer in imagining the product size and use).

See below for some examples of great photos by traders (or by us)