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Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective

Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective (WUC) is a group of likeminded Merri-bek residents, intent on wholefood shopping differently!

In their online shops, WUC has 400 products from 40 suppliers (including hard to source low/zero waste products such as tofu, yoghurt, cheese and fresh pasta) that are all local, low (or no) waste and low cost.

Every week staff volunteers portion their produce from bulk containers into stainless steel Returnrs (

Incredibly, in the 2 years since its inception, WUC has diverted from landfill and recycling approximately 6.6 tons of plastic and 5.7 tons of cardboard and paper!

Their community and environmental ideals are unparalleled and they’re a beautiful group to be a part of.

Online shops for pre orders pre payers are Thursday night pick up and Saturday afternoon pick up.