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Shop 1, 650A Sydney Road Brunswick

Embrace Healing with Open Hearts and Radiant Spirits!

Step into their haven where the magick of healing awaits you.

Imagine… Conversations that hold space for your soul, elixirs and blends carefully crafted to nurture you, incense carrying whispers of ancient wisdom, and chocolate bombs that comfort and uplift. Sip on our house-brewed, caffeine-free Chai, let the calming embrace of essential oils and flower remedies soothe your spirit, and immerse yourself in the sacred dance of Ceremonial Cacao. Surrender to Bath Bombs that invite tranquillity, and discover the gentle power of crystalline treasures that resonate with your being.

Yet, the true enchantment lies in their commitment to stand by your side, dedicated to your journey towards beauty and healing.

Their deepest intention is that you not only find solace in the enchanting embrace of their offerings, but that you embark on a transformative pilgrimage of self-love and self-care. With a team of professional therapists, each bearing their own unique gifts, they are poised to help you unlock the shifts you yearn for—be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Within the sanctuary of their space, hidden away from the mundane world, they become conduits of healing energy. Engage with practices like Reiki, Integrative Spiritual Counseling, Craniosacral Therapy, Mediumship / Clairvoyant readings, and Hypnotherapy, among others, as they guide you towards a profound sense of well-being.

And there’s more! Dive into the rich tapestry of healing events, workshops, and courses that grace their space regularly. Explore the depths of your being in their monthly healing circle, aptly named “Broken Open”, a gathering that honours vulnerability and growth. Find detailed information on all these offerings on their website.

Begin this sacred journey, and let it renew with each step.