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Mokum is the only dedicated Dutch café and bar in Victoria and you can find it right here in Brunswick at 359 Sydney Road.

The name Mokum is a sentimental nickname given to the city of Amsterdam. It is has come to mean ‘safe place’ and the city of Amsterdam is widely considered to be a place where differences are celebrated. Mokum right here in Brunswick aims to be that ‘safe place’ where people from all walks of life are welcomed warmly and made to feel at home.

Dutch food traditionally uses ingredients native to the lowlands along with flavours introduced through the centuries old spice trade. Mokum’s food is inspired by modern Amsterdam, celebrating the many people of the world who call the city home today. The large Surinamese, Indonesian, Antillean, Turkish and Moroccan communities in particular, contribute significantly to the city’s gastronomical landscape.

Mokum roast their own coffee beans and pride themselves on the exceptional smooth flavour, the coffee as well as a range of teas, freshly squeezed juices, shakes and smoothies match perfectly with their range of pastries and housemade cakes and slices.

A range of Dutch and Belgian beers are available, traditional centuries old beer made by monks and a range of local Victorian beer are on offer, along with an extensive list of local and imported wines and cocktails designed using liqueurs made in house from spices and flavours commonly used in Dutch desserts.