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Brunswick is the cozy bohemian home to artists, coffee lovers, vegans, social activists and many more. It is the progressive mecca for sustainability and inclusivity, it seems rather fitting that the ethical streetwear brand Etiko, has opened its doors in the heart of Brunswick, Sydney Road. Just a couple doors down from the very popular outfit, Dejour Jeans.

Etiko is one of the pioneers of the ethical fashion industry in Australia, selling products that are fairtrade; meaning exploitation free, eco-friendly and vegan, giving consumers total
transparency about their supply chain. Combining ethical practices and production with environmentally sound materials to produce high quality products, Etiko is tailor made for the
conscious shopper. Being the very first fashion brand to become fair-trade certified in the Southern Hemisphere and the only company to achieve an A+ in the Australian Ethical Fashion Report eight times. Etiko has even won an Australian Human Rights Award in 2016 being described by the Herald Sun as a ‘Human Rights Trailblazer in the Fashion Industry’.

The impressive brand originated from humble roots right here in Melbourne’s local suburbs by Brunswick raised founder, Nick Savaidis. From a young age Nick was exposed to the harsh truths of exploitation in the fashion industry. Watching his mother get paid very little to sew outfits for local Melbourne fashion labels in the 60s and 70s, this memory served as inspiration for Nick’s lifelong journey into ethical fashion and social justice. Nick set out to provide an alternative to the world of fast fashion by starting his own completely ethical clothing brand. From this the name ‘Etiko’ was born, which derives from the Greek word for ethical also paying homage to his family’s heritage. Etiko’s mission is to educate, challenge and promote change for the world by ending exploitation, sweatshop: child and slave labour as well as to produce environmentally friendly products. Now opening its doors on the very popular Sydney Road in Brunswick, a stone’s throw away from where Nick grew up.

If you’d like to help make our world fairer and more just place or maybe you just want to lighten your carbon footprint. The next time you go to collect your coffee on Sydney Road or head out to scour the op shops for some cute finds, pop into our store and browse our collection of genuinely ethically made and genuinely eco-friendly t-shirts, sneakers, socks, purses and pencil cases.