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Top Valentines Day date ideas on Sydney Road

Wednesday the 14th is not far away. Book a table at one of Sydney Roads diverse restaurants.

ABHIRUCHI Indian Restaurant @ 217

A new Indian restaurant has opened up on Sydney Road and they’re serving a wonderful selection of authentic cuisine.

Hellenic gastronomy at Yiamas Greek Restaurant and Bar @317 Sydney Road

It’s fantastic to see a Greek restaurant again on multicultural Sydney Road. A true family restaurant, you will often see Jim the owner and his family during the day – preping delicious cuisine ready for the evening diners! Utilising the property’s large back yard and the lovely wooden interiors, it has come to life with […]

Launched @Barkly Square – Open air alfresco courtyard area

A charming area where you can eat outdoors has now been launched in the McDougall Lane at Barkly Square. Dressed with lovely hanging pots, overhead fairy lights, module seating and giant tables to share with your fellow shoppers under the striped umbrellas has now been completed for Barkly Square. 4 takeway restaurant/cafes, encompass the area- Roll’d, Zambrero’s, The Meatball Factory and Po’s […]

Have you visited … New business Royal E Punjab @ 873

The food looks amazing, very authentic with fresh ingredients every day. The premises reveals a fresh spring colour pallet, which makes one feel contented and tranquil, ready to enjoy a real Indian feast. Tables are set neatly and reflect a lot of care within the restaurant. Open for lunch, dinner and takeaway is on its way. Best of luck.

Have you visited … New business The Meatball Factory @ Barkly Square

It’s all about the balls- not just meat either! This concept is very diverse in that vegie balls, arincini (rice and cheese) sweet balls and even gluten-free balls are available. Originally a butcher (& Italian), this new venture has created a fresh concept in presenting many varieties, all in a ball! The flavours of spices galore are all mixed through […]

Have you visited … New business Stacey’s Seafood @317

Our much loved Red Box cafe hang-out, has said goodbye after 9 years. But Stacey’s Seafood, obviously serving fish, will be very welcomed on the street. Introducing a different variety of food in Sydney Road is always exciting and they are now set to go. Very friendly service and in keeping with a similar red-box atmosphere, we hope that you will get […]