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shekinah3 fairy wearing wings, handmade headdress and waving a handmade wand.

Summer holiday workshops at Shekinah3

Summer Holiday Magick Unleashed at Shekinah3: Enchanting Workshops for Young Wizards & Fairies!

  • Magickal Realms Unveiled: Dive into the mystical worlds of fairies, wizards, and the wonders of mother nature! Our Magickal Wands and Crowns Workshop is a gateway to the extraordinary, where creativity and imagination come to life in the heart of Shekinah3!
  • Crafting with Mother Nature’s Touch: Picture this—your child crafting their very own magickal wand or crown using the purest gifts from Mother Nature. It’s not just a workshop; it’s a voyage into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary!
  • Meet Our Magickal Guides: Rosa and Nardane: These gifted healers are the architects behind the Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Program, set to launch in February 2024. They bring unparalleled expertise and a passion for guiding sensitive, psychic, and spiritually gifted children on a wondrous journey of self-discovery.

Date and Time: Friday, January 5th, 12th, 19th, 2023
9:00 am to 10:30 am
Location: Suite 1 – 650 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Cost of Entry: Only $33 per child

Book Your Child’s Ticket to Summer Magick: Spaces are limited, and the demand for enchantment is high! Ensure your child’s spot by booking now.
Email Phone 0411584190 and remember, payment can be effortlessly made on the day with eftpos available for your convenience.

Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Program: Unveiling February 2024
Mark your calendars for the grand opening of our extraordinary schooling program designed to nurture and elevate the spirits of sensitive, psychic, and spiritually gifted children. February 2024 is the dawn of a new era! Don’t Miss the Magick! Shekinah3 – Where Magickal Healing Blossoms!

Enchanting Summer Adventure: Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Programme – Stories in the Park Workshop

  • Join Us Under the Blue Sky for a Whimsical Day of Wonder and Magick!
  • Discover the Mystical Realms: In the heart of summer, Shekinah3 invites your little ones to an immersive journey at Warr Park, Brunswick. Our Stories in the Park Workshop is a celebration of life, connecting children to the magickal world of fairies, wise trees, and the healing embrace of elementals, crystals, herbs, and our beloved Mother Goddess, Pachamama.
  • Embrace Interconnection and Oneness: Let your child explore the enchanting whispers of life all around us. Through stories, discussions, and interactive activities, we’ll delve into the ancient wisdom of Druid laws, the spirits of wise trees, and the healing properties of nature’s gifts. This beautiful experience will teach children the profound truth of being one with all, fostering a sense of oneness with the world.
  • Stories and Conversations: Engage in conversations about fairies, tree spirits, and the ancient wisdom that surrounds us. Our story telling materials will spark curiosity and open doors to understanding the beauty of Mother’s medicine from the community herb garden.
  • Fun-Filled Day in the Park:
    Duration: 2 hours of laughter, learning, and unity with magick.
    Refreshments: Herbal infusion ice tea to rejuvenate young minds & delicious fruit platters
    Date and Time: 8/1, 15/1
    Location: Warr Park, off De Carle Street, Brunswick
    Time: 9am to 11am. Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure a prompt start.
    Hosted by Rosa and Nardane – Healers of Shekinah3:
    Our workshop is not just educational; it’s an interactive experience facilitated by
    Rosa and Nardane, healers at Shekinah3. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for nurturing young minds on their journey of self-discovery.
  • Bring a Blanket and Pillow: Allow your child to immerse themselves fully in the enchantment of the day. Whether they choose to rest on the grass or actively participate, all are welcome to this magickal experience.
  • Discover the Magick Within:
    Let your child laugh, learn, and be one with the magick that surrounds us all. In the embrace of nature, under the expansive blue sky, we’ll guide them to engage with their true essence. A day filled with joy, learning, and the realisation that we are never alone – we are one with all sentient and elemental beings.

Secure your child’s spot now for this magickal summer workshop!
Email Phone 0411584190 and let the adventure begin.
Shekinah3 – Nurturing Young Minds, Embracing the Magick Within!

Venture into a Soulful Journey: The Radiance Within – A Spiritual Expedition into the Healing Essence of Crystals!

  • Sacred Secrets Unveiled, Heart Awakened: A Soulful Workshop Introducing the Mystical World of Crystals
  • Delve into the Soulful Essence of Crystals: Gather around, kindred spirits, for a sacred voyage into the profound mysteries of crystals. It’s time to release preconceptions and immerse ourselves in the luminous healing energies that these Divine crystals graciously offer. Our introductory workshop entices you to rediscover the enchantment crystals weave into the fabric
    of our existence.
  • Awaken the Spirits Within: Crystals are not mere earthly treasures; they are living vessels bearing witness to the cosmos ballet of the universe. Imagine this: unravelling the sacred language of these celestial crystal spirits, revealing stories of resilience, harmony, and an ancient wisdom that mirrors the celestial symphony. Be prepared to be captivated by their ethereal whispers.
  • Harmony with Cosmic Energies: Feel the gentle waves of energy as you connect with a crystal that resonates with the very core of your being. Guided by Shekinah3 Healer Nardane Balci, immerse yourself in a soul-stirring meditation to commune with the spirit and energy of your chosen crystal. This isn’t just an educational endeavour; it’s a harmonious alignment with the cosmic rhythms that echo in the depths of our souls.
  • Sacred Odyssey of Healing and Connection: Envision a sacred journey where crystals are not just tools but compassionate companions on your path of self-discovery. Picture yourself enveloped in the nurturing embrace of the Sacred Element of Earth, releasing old wounds, and rekindling the brilliance of your authentic self.
  • Healing with Crystals Course: A Soulful Expedition of Connection & Transformation: Feeling the call to dive even deeper? Participants of this workshop are personally invited to enrol in our exclusive Healing with Crystals Course. Get ready to explore the boundless mysteries of the universe, ignite your creativity and intuition, and emerge as a beacon of love and light.
  • Dive into the Luminescence on Shekinah3’s Spiritual Sanctuary: Embark on your virtual pilgrimage to the Shekinah3 website, where the luminosity of this transformative journey awaits you. Click, breathe, and let the soulful exploration commence.

Workshop Details:Shekinah3 healing with crystals book and crystal necklace.
Date and Time: 11th & 18th of January. 1pm to 3pm
Location: Shekinah3 Suite 1A-650 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Duration: Set aside 2 sacred hours
Facilitator: Nardane Balci, Healer at Shekinah3
Investment cost $60. Deposit of $20 is essential to secure your spot.
Email Phone 0411584190
All ages are welcome

Are You Ready to Ignite the Inner Light of Your Soul?
May Your Spirit Dance in Radiance! Shekinah3 Dwelling of the Divine

Embark on a Mystical Journey: Gypsy Tea Leaf Reading Workshop with Rosa at Shekinah3

  • Unlock the Ancient Secrets of Tasseography: A Sacred Form of Divination
  • Tea Leaf Language of Ancestors: Delve into the mystical art of Tasseography, the ancient practice of reading tea leaves, known as the language of our illuminated ancestors. Join us for a special workshop where the deep, ancient secrets of tea leaf readings will be unveiled, offering a sacred form of divination unlike the usual methods discovered today.
  • Tasseography Unveiled: Explore the roots of tea leaf reading, formally known as tasseography or tasseomancy. These terms, derived from the French tasse (cup) and the Greek suffix
    graph (writing) or mancy (divination), encompass the rich history and divinatory essence of this sacred practice.
  • Gypsy Lineage of Rosa: Rosa, with her Gypsy lineage of Roma and French gipsies, guides you through a unique method passed down through generations. This technique, once practised
    exclusively by the Travelling Gypsies, enhances your seer sight to interpret messages in a formula crafted by the Roma people.
  • Herbal Infusions and Healing Magic: At Shekinah3, we cherish the magickal spirit of herbal infusions, crafting blends for our clients. Trust the essence of high-quality, organic tea leaves to settle beautifully on your taste buds. As you sip, let the impressions settle and arrange themselves in your cup, ready for interpretation by Rosa’s incredible seer abilities.
  • Ancestral Magic of Fortune Telling: Rekindle the magic of fortune-telling in a teacup, a skill and art form passed down through generations. Witness Rosa bring this ancestral magick back into fashion, aiming to pass on the rich heritage of tea leaf readings.
  • Strengthen Your Inner Seer: Join us for a 3-hour workshop in the beautiful sanctuary of Shekinah3, where you will strengthen and ignite the passion of the seer & Gypsy within. Explore the enticing world of intuitive Gypsy tea leaf reading with Rosa’s unique formula, elevating your skill into a platform of professionalism.

Workshop Details:
Duration: 3 hours of enchantment
Location: Shekinah3 Dwelling of the Divine
Investment: $65
Deposit: A $25 deposit is essential to secure your spot. The remaining balance can be paid on the day.
Arrival: 7pm to 10 pm. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
Date: January the 20th & 27th
Gift for You: As a token of our appreciation, each participant will receive a personalised blend of magical herbal infusion tea to take home. Begin your own tea leaf readings with this special gift.
Tap into the Esoteric World: Ignite your psychic intuition and knowledge, guiding yourself back into wholeness and assisting loved ones with insights only the divination of tea leaf readings can
Reserve Your Seat:
Limited spots available. To secure your place in this magical workshop, contact us at Email Phone 0411584190
Embrace the mystique of Gypsy tea leaf reading and step into a world of ancient wisdom and divination.
Join Us in the Magick of Tea Leaf Readings at Shekinah3!

Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Programme Presents: A Summer Harmony
Event for Children – Yoga and Energy Medicine Delight at Warr Park!

  • A Loving Blend of Wellness and Fun: In collaboration with the Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Programme, we warmly invite your children to a delightful summer event. This unique experience blends the wisdom of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques with the joyous benefits of Yoga stretches, led by the talented healer, Martin. Crafted with love, this event
    nurtures your child’s well-being in body and spirit.
  • What is Energy Medicine, According to Donna Eden? Donna Eden beautifully describes energy as the life force that courses through us, directing the intricate dance of our physical systems. More intelligent than our brains, this life force is the foundation of our health. Energy medicine, then, is the art of tapping into this brilliant force and mobilising it for our health and vitality.
  • Benefits of Yoga for Children: Aligning the chi flow energy within the body, Yoga stretches play a pivotal role in promoting well-being, especially in a world where stress can be overwhelming.
    Martin has carefully formulated gentle, fun, and happy movements designed for your child to enjoy, practice, and seamlessly incorporate into their daily lives. These movements go beyond mere physical exercise; they empower your child with a skill of wellness that transcends material gadgets.
  • Meet Martin – A Healer with a Passion: As a healer at Shekinah3, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge in bodywork, specialising in Craniosacral therapy and therapeutic Thai massage. His passion lies in sharing healing techniques that contribute to a fulfilling, pain-free, and balanced life. Martin’s masterful techniques are accessible to all ages, making wellness an
    enjoyable and enriching experience.

Event Details at Warr Park:
Location: Warr Park, off De Carle Street, Brunswick
What to Bring: Yoga mat or blanket, comfortable clothing
Provided: Water for hydration and an abundance of positive energy
Duration: 1hour of joy, relaxation, deep breathing, and laughter
Investment: A loving investment of $25 for a transformative experience
Bookings: Essential to secure your child’s spot.
Contact Shekinah3 Email: or Phone: 0411584190.
Time to Shine: The event begins at 8 am to 9 am so please arrive 5 minutes prior to set up your child’s space and ensure a prompt start.
Join us for a Morning of Wellness and Joy! Let Your Child’s Spirit Soar with Shekinah3 Rays of Light Schooling Programme!

Magickal Herbal Infusion Workshop: Unveiling the Enchantment Within

  • A Rare Opportunity for True Magick and Alchemy with the Spirit of Herbs
  • Discover the Sacred Essence of Herbs Beyond Societal Boundaries: Welcome to a workshop like no other—a unique experience where you are granted a rare opportunity to be in the presence of true magick, alchemy, and the pure spirit of herbs in their fullest essence. This is not just a herbalism class; this is an exploration that moves beyond the ordinary world of understanding herbs and their healing properties. It’s an invitation to delve into the sacred practice of enchantment, unlocking the Green Wix within, and exploring all levels of the magickal properties of
    herb essence that speak directly to your soul.
  • Enchantment with the Green Wix Within: In this workshop, we transcend societal boundaries and tap into the sacred beauty of herbs as a form of enchantment. Led by Rosa, a masterful weaver of magickal energies, you’ll learn that the spirit of herbs is not just a separate entity but an integral part of us, intricately woven into the tapestry of the universe. Discover the oneness that exists with all living things and how herbs become our allies on this spiritual journey.
  • For All Wix’s and Divine Souls Devoted to Mother Earth: This workshop is not just for herbal enthusiasts; it’s for the Wix’s, the magick-makers, and all Divine souls with a true devotion to Mother Earth and her sacred beauty in medicine and unconditional love. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious seeker, this is an opportunity to deepen your connection with the magickal realms of herbs.
  • Rosa’s Magick Weaving: Witness the True Blossoming of Enchantment: Rosa, our enchantress and guide, weaves her magick to unveil the true blossoming of alchemy. In the sacred space of Shekinah3, we direct our energy to all sacred elements, illuminated ancestors of Light, always in connection to our Goddess Pachamama and to Source itself. Through Rosa’s guidance, allow yourself to be immersed in the spirit of magickal fairy folk and deities, vibrating with the energy of potent magick. Illuminate obstacles and boundaries of illusions as our enchantment and spellwork encourage the intention of healing in our magickal herbal infusions.

Workshop Details:Shekinah3 magic spell candles, booklet, smudge stick, incense and herbal infusion.
Date 14th & 21st of January Time: 1pm to 3.30 pm
Location: Shekinah3 Dwelling of the Divine Suite 1A -650 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Investment: $250, Includes your own personal Wix kit(Valued at $110)
Bookings: Limited spaces available. Reserve your spot with a deposit of $50 by contacting Shekinah3 at 0411584190
Join Us on this Journey of Magickal Herbal Enchantment: A Workshop Not to Be Missed!