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Treasure hunting… At New Century Antiques



Sam has brought his life collection of antiques here to Sydney Road to share
with us. He really needs to cull back his items and with his obvious love of Italian
antiques…. he needs help to do so!

New Century Antiques 788 2015-01-22 11.24 (3)

New Century Antiques 788 2015-01-22 11.24 (6)
Everything from Crystal ware, porcelain, china,vintage, brass, wood, silver ware and
loads of furniture, mirrors and lamp shades there is a massive amount to choose

He may not be there long-due to a temporary premises, but if you’re inclined
to go for this style, Sam can help you out.

It’s been a long time since we had antiques in Sydney Road but this is quite impressive

and is located in a newly renovated shop.

photo 2