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Sparta Place

Jazz Nights in Sparta Place - hoping to have these again on balmy nights in the near future! Sparta Place Brunswick

Discover a unique space, off the main street and among the trees, where you can chill and drink coffee or tea, sip wine, enjoy and shop for art, whilst admiring the lovely buildings surrounding you. At the rear is a Spanish designed building, originally the first Brunswick Market, affronted by the grand Mariana Hardwick building. This being one of the first three buildings, built on iron framed pillars… (as was Myer in Melb. and Dimmeys’ in Richmond) which has now been divided into smaller boutique style shops.

The focus is on quaint specialty stores and the handmade. It features an array of makers, designers, jewellery, beauty, and other artisanal services.

A place to ponder and enjoy the atmosphere, whilst perusing an array of small boutique businesses.

 Female having her nails painted by beauty expert

Browse Sparta Place Stores

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Shop 6. Hardwick Building, 16 Tripovich Street, in Sparta Place

Mamma’s Boy Trattoria

Shop 10, Sparta Place, Brunswick


Level 1, 459-475 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Smart Skin Clinics

Shop 19, 459 Sydney Road Brunswick

Your Creative

Shop 7, 459 Sydney Road Brunswick