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Matthew Dunn Art - Sydney Road Ambassador

@matthewdunnart – Sydney Road Ambassador

Our second takeover running 28th June – 4th July is by @matthewdunnart, an artist and illustrator originally from Wollongong. Matt moved to Melbourne in 1998 and Sydney Road the later year. Living and working on Sydney Road has been a big influence on Matt’s art. His focus is mainly on comics and graphics for the music industry. One of his latest pieces is for Melbourne band Augie March

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What was the last thing you bought on Sydney Road?
A book called Dark Emu from Brunswick Bound

What do you like about Brunswick and the people?
The very diverse cultures and unique personalities of the area. Like the Sheriff of Brunswick.

Sydney Road memory
A new year a few years ago things had started to quieten down a little bit. I suddenly heard screaming and yelling – There was a man on a wheelchair tearing down Sydney Road celebrating with a beer in each hand. I don’t where he went off to.

What is your Sydney Road local?
Every day I start my day by walking down Sydney Road to grab some breakfast from Green Refectory, before walking up Sydney Road to come home and work.

If you were showing a friend from out of town around Sydney Road where would you go?
First, we would go for a walk along the stretch stopping in lots of shops. We would have dinner at Uleg. Their food is always very delicious and the staff are really friendly. Later would stop into the Edinburgh Castle and Daddy’s Bar