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Have you tried… the falafel along Sydney Road Brunswick?

An article by Ilona Nicola of Ilona Bakes

There are so many places to eat falafel along Sydney Road Brunswick, but have you tried:

Tabet’s Bakery

Step into Tabet’s Bakery and the first thing you will notice is the most enticing array of Lebanese pastries and pizzas. They are freshly baked in the oven that sits proud behind the counter. They arrive to you still warm, pillowy and fragrant. My favourite is the halloumi cheese pie – lightly salted, melting, moreish. I struggle to stop at one. 

But, it doesn’t stop there. Tabet’s Bakery offers some of the most delicious falafel you will find in Brunswick. This is no exaggeration. When you next visit Tabet’s Bakery, I implore you, please get the falafel. 

Tabet’s Bakery is family run, and it certainly has that vibe. During my visit, I am so warmly greeted by mother and son, Randa and Charbel Tabet. It feels like visiting a family home. 

While my food is cooked to order, Randa sits with me and talks about her recipe. She explains that her falafel are handmade and cooked fresh to order. She uses fava beans or broad beans as the

Platter of falafel from Tabet's Bakery on Sydney Road Brunswick.

 base, and delicately flavours her falafel with a perfect balance of coriander, Lebanese pepper, onion and salt. It is so clear that Randa approaches cooking with great care and passion. 

My falafel arrive on an enormous platter, served piping hot and golden. They are accompanied by fresh vegetables, salty pickles, tahini sauce, and the most generous serve of Lebanese bread. 

The best way to eat falafel? Generously fill a pita with falafel, salad, pickles and a drizzling of tahini, then, take your biggest bite. 

It’s a taste sensation. The falafel are perfectly crisp on the outside, and light as a feather on the inside. Despite being fried, they are not heavy. Everything is so fresh, and everything works so well together. 

Next time you are on Sydney Road, be sure to stop by Tabet’s Bakery. 



Did you know that Sydney Road is home to an all vegan kebab shop? And, did you know that many items on the menu can also be made gluten free?

Kevabs first arrived on Sydney Road in 2019. It’s founder Angie was motivated by her daughter, who is both vegan and gluten intolerant. Fast forward to today, and Angie’s daughter now lives abroad. However, a steady stream of customers continue to keep Angie on her toes. 

What I adore most about Kevabs is their salads. Angie offers a rotating selection of salads featuring fresh and roasted vegetables, brown rice and pasta. Angie’s signature tabouli is a perennial favourite. It is made with quinoa instead of bulgur, making it gluten free. 

On the day I visit Kevabs, Angie is only just opening. But her first customer – a regular – is already waiting in anticipation.
The customer tells me he and his family keep coming back for Angie’s signature mock meat, which he insists tastes better than any animal protein.
He laments that the restaurant is only open six days of the week, and hopes one day Angie will consider extending her hours.

Falafel bowl from Kevabs on Sydney Road Brunswick

I am here to sample the falafel. Uniquely, Kevabs offers a falafel bowl – a generous serve of up to three salads, topped with fresh falafel and choice of sauce.
I choose a spicy rice and corn salad, a pasta salad and tabouli, crowned with falafel and a generous drizzle of tahini. 

The salads are so flavourful and very delicious. The falafel are fresh, crisp and light. The bowl is an absolute treat. I eat all of it!

Despite feeling very full and happy, I find room in my second stomach for dessert.
Angie’s homemade pistachio baklava is the perfect way to round out the meal. 

Whether you are a vegan or not, stop by Kevabs on your next visit to Sydney Road.