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Handsome Her

Handsome Her @ 206

Alex O’Brien (ex-owner of The Glass Den) has just opened an all vegan café and meeting place. It’s built upon the four pillars of Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice, Feminism and Community Development.  Handsome Her aim to change the culture around how we consume coffee by saying no to disposable coffee cups (responsible for over 1 billion cups in Australian landfill each year). With a take- away vessel, people have the option to pick out their own mug from the café’s “The Emergency Mug Wall” – donated by locals and Sydney Rd thrift shops.

The menu is an Asian inspired masterpiece by Head Chef, May Tang and includes vegan delights such as Brownie Hotcakes with salted walnut brittle, Malaysian Mushrooms with papaya ketchup and Pumpkin Polenta Porridge with gingerbread croutons. Although the menu is 100% plant based, meat and dairy lovers will not be disappointed. So come by for some vegan treats and ponder ideas both great and small via their series of events, workshops and meetings.

Handsome Her