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@gracemimmo – Sydney Road Ambassador

@gracemimmo is a local resident living a stone’s throw away from Anstey Station Brunswick. Formerly subcontracting as an international tour guide before becoming a full-time mum to twin 20-month old twin daughters while her husband builds their own international cycling tour business “Ride International Tours.  She also goes under the pen name “Zia Grace” and has written a children’s book called “Nubsy McNoodle Wanted A Poodle”, whose cover incidentally was created in a Brunswick Studio just off Sydney Road.

” I was born just off Sydney Road on Melbourne Cup Day in 1970. Coming from Italian immigrants, I spent much of my formative years on Sydney Road shopping for special occasion dresses and specialty Italian foods long before it was “on trend”

My most treasured memory/ experience of Sydney Road was doing a home video when bringing our twin daughters home from the hospital via Sydney Road. I took video and introduced my girls to their “hood” filming all the way along the road showing the shops & bypassing trams and wondered how it would change over the years as my daughters grew. ”


What was the last thing you bought on Sydney Road?
A delicious Vietnamese salad

What shop do you visit the most?
Russell’s Fruit & Veg Market every day (sometimes twice a day)

What do you like about the people in Brunswick?
I love the mixture of people from different ages, cultures and stages in life. I love how earthy, grounded, authentic, generous and self-expressed Brunswick people are.

What would you like to see changes on the road?
An even greater bike-friendly environment and a piazza

Favourite Sydney Road quirk?
I love a few of the familiar characters on Sydney Rd, like “The Sherrif”… the older man who wears the sherrif hat. I always say hello when I see him.

Favourite place to eat/get coffee/shop
I LOVE  Tree Top Toyshop on Sydney Rd  and The Design Court that hand makes gorgeous Marimekko dresses that I got for my girls’ first birthday. I rarely drink coffee out but I do love an old school Italian espresso at The Mediterranean. I also enjoy a drink while listening to great music at my local Oussou’s Bar.

If you were showing a friend around from out of town where would you go?
I took my Parisian friend to Brunswick Mess Hall – she loved it!