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Floral walls, arches and bride-and-groom thrones to transform your special day

By Monyq San Tropez

Makkah Decorator,  649 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Flowers, wedding and party decorations 


Makkah Decorator

Mohammad Noor is a local testament to the famous saying, “do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life”.  What started as a simple hobby of adorning gifts with flowers and colourful buntings for family and friends evolved into a successful decoration company catering to both intimate occasions and large events with as many as five hundred guests in a span of two and a half years.

Yet the man behind one of the most sought-after events design businesses in Victoria keeps both feet on the ground and remains humble despite his entrepreneurial success. He is soft-spoken and likes to work in the background with his crew, helping them carry large decorations such as floral walls, arches adorned with blossoms, welcome signs, and bride-and-groom thrones. He goes out of his way by assisting clients in setting up for their event, even after having finished installing his own decorations. He drives with his team to serve patrons from the heart of Melbourne all the way to regional hubs such as Geelong, Shepparton and Philip Island.


“He dresses simply and comes across as unassuming, often mistaken as a crew member rather than as a business owner and the creative genius behind the beautiful set transformations which never fail to impress guests and hosts alike.”

His multicultural upbringing provides him with a deep understanding of the importance of the different cultural events he services. He ensures that his clients are an integral part of the design process every step of the way. With most weekends in the year booked out with event set-ups, he has significant experience in decorating for different life milestones in various cultures: birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, dowry ceremonies, henna nights, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, baptisms, aqiqahs, company celebrations, car presentations, and parties. His popularity in the event decoration industry is evident in the numerous five-star reviews and positive comments on Makkah Décorator’s social media accounts from satisfied long-time customers and new clients referred to him by word-of-mouth.

He believes that being on Sydney Road, Brunswick has helped his business thrive. He enjoys the multicultural diversity of the area and its vibrant atmosphere, knowing that “there’s always something exciting going on” no matter what day of the week.

Makkah Decorators is located at 649 Sydney Road, Brunswick and is open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, including weekends.