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Asas Perfumes on the hill…


Asas Perfumes @ 654

Have you spotted Sydney Road Brunswick’s new perfumery at the top of the hill? YES, a perfumery in
Sydney Road ! How’s that ? How amazing !
Asas Perfumes offers unique oriental perfumes, fragrances and essential oils from Dubai, with Arabian ‘oudh’ (which is really a popular ‘wood’
fragrance). They import and sell chemical free incense, which are all made of quality ingredients and in a wide range of fragrants.
With a customer friendly layout in bright attractive colours, the boxes and bottles all represent professionalism and an attractive product for females.

It is very eye-catching from the street with bold reds and pinks. The delicate glass perfume bottles can be presented and wrapped in the equally beautiful gift boxes. Mmmm most pleasing on the nose !


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