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Have you got the SCOOP? Read on for our April edition of the Sydney Road Brunswick Scoop and find out what’s been happening on your favourite Sydney Road Brunswick…

Fluffy Torpedo, the latest addition to the Sydney Road Brunswick Precinct, is not just an ice creamery; it’s a mission-driven venture. With a commitment to supporting effective charities and fostering creativity, Fluffy Torpedo tantalises taste buds with unparalleled flavour combinations while dedicating 50% of its profits to charity and prioritising sustainability in its operations.

Barber Duckee isn’t just your typical barber shop; it’s a safe haven, embracing diversity and inclusivity. With a commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere, non-gendered pricing, and a wide range of haircut options tailored to individual needs, Barber Duckee is not just a place for haircuts, but a community hub where all are celebrated and heard.

The Celtic Club has transformed the Sarah Sands into their new home, The Wild Geese. The venue now has a luxurious and unique cocktail club vibe, with multiple indoor and outdoor spaces. The rich tradition of Irish culture abounds here, with a diverse range of experiences from trivia nights, to pub choir and karaoke nights, and of course, authentic Irish cuisine; Sunday roasts inclusive. Also boasting the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of Irish whiskey, securely housed in two levels of whiskey lockers.

ALDI; Good Different. But not so different in Brunswick now! Have you seen that there are now self service checkouts…?

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