Art On The Spot

Sydney Road Brunswick is captured on canvas and silhouetted in sketchbooks for ART ON THE SPOT.

Art on the Spot- a day for Artists to pack up their paints,  pastels or pens or whatever medium they fancy and get out there on the street to capture a part of the action in Sydney Rod Brunswick. It’s not about portraits or scenic landscapes- it’s about the urban atmosphere- the structures, the signage the poles the businesses and  the Community – whatever an Artists would like to capture – all in one day.

Engagement with the Public can be a delight for the Artists and certainly for the public,  who often doesn’t have a clue how these pieces are created, they might see an Artist and then come back in 3 hours to discover the evolution of their masterpiece !

Artists + works from latest Art On The Spot on 26 Nov 2016…
Past Art On The Spot events